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Holy crap with the ANGST and the POUTING and the BROODING and the ZOOMING. There was also some gorgeous scenery, and some surprisingly solid acting from the leads. When they weren't contractually obliged to ANGST, POUT, BROOD, ZOOM or SNARL that is. That got pretty hammy :o) Edward was relatively speaking decent at it, compared to the rest of his family.

Do not crave the Edward, do crave his house. I wonder if that's what being an adult feels like.

I'm pretty sure this flick, together with Dirty Dancing, could be the basis for a PhD thesis on teenage girl sexuality or something like that. The story of the girl who is awakened (and by extension turned into a woman) by the naked desire of the more experienced, yet chivalrous, man. I won't go so far as to say all girls respond to that, nothing much applies to everyone - but I'd say it's very common.
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Have now seen Watchmen. As usual with superhyped movies, I have no idea whether it was any good. I think too much about what I think to be able to relax, and just experience. I think I thought it was pretty decent - actionpacked, mostly good music, good actors. Can't really say how it deviates from the comic, because it was quite a while since I read that, and I have purposely not refreshed my memory prior to seeing the movie.

That said, I have some gripes. Mostly nitpicks. Also, some positive comments :o) )
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I just discovered my Shaws has a RedBox machine. $1/day rentals and no stupid membership forms or ID requirements, yay!

Rented Wall-E, will watch with lunch.
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Was enjoyable. The cheesecake occasionally reaches truly silly levels (lathering scene, hello...), but hey, mr Jackman does look very very tasty, so I'm not complaining. Except when they cut his hair and got rid of the stubble, and, to add insult to injury, put him in a white tux (Noooo!). Luckily, that was very briefly.

It's definitely one for the ladies*, as all women stay dressed throughout, and Nicole Kidman stopped being hot about 40 pounds ago.

Seriously half the movie is dedicated to lingering shots of just how hot the male lead is - a character who, btw, doesn't even get a real name, being exclusively known by his job title. Chalk it up as a win for the eradication of double standards, by objectifying all genders equally :o)

*And/or gay men I guess :o)

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It has now been snowing for three days straight - and only stopped an hour or so ago. There is snow everywhere, and piles of it. Very very pretty. So today I decided it was time to face the music and go get some real winter gear. I needed waterproof warm shoes or boots, and a coat. So I went downtown to get that stuff, and also took a stroll through the Common and looked at all the pretty snow and trees.

Blessed be H&M and discount shoestores, Coat and boots came to less than $100. Until now I've basically been walking around in converse sneakers and a hoodie, which was in fact decently warm, but not even slightly waterproof. Especially the shoes - I really needed something better. The new shoes are all fuzzy and warm on the inside - very nice.

After walking around downtown and taking pictures of all the snow, I went to the cinema to see Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in). It's a Swedish vampire movie, based on a Swedish horror novel that I red last year, it was actually pretty good. Both book and movie are worth the bother. There's this thing called the Sunday Night Film Club - which is basically just that someone makes an announcement about what movie to see that sunday and where, and anyone who's interested shows up, and after the movie you go eat and chat. Everyone gets their own ticket and such, so you don't need be a member, or pay in advance, or sign up, or anything like that. It was really nice and very informal. There were six of us, the others knew each other, but I didn't know anyone. I had a really good time though, and I'll probably do it again.

Now, while making this post, I've also been trying to upload stuff to Flickr, and somehow messed up my iPhoto library. So now it's re-indexing my 3000 Only 2400 to go... I'll add some snaps to this post once that's done.

Edt: Allrighty, here's the pics. More on Flickr, as usual.
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I love Johnny Depp, but man, the dude's in a rut. Pirates 4? Another animated Tim Burton flick? Pirates 4?!


And seriously, Sin City 3?? Why?

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So people say they like the Two Face look from the new movie

I say Huh?? )

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Nicked off [ profile] artela

The movie fans behind the website They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? have assembled what they claim to be the most definitive "greatest films ever" list by gathering no fewer than 1,604 critics' lists and 656 other miscellaneous polls from hundreds of print sources from the last several decades, and used a complicated formula to tabulate the results shown below: The 1,000 Greatest Films of All Time.

Your task:
Bold the titles you have seen.
Italicize the ones you have only partly seen.
Underline the ones you currently own.
(I haven't actually bothered with the underlining)

Before getting into the list I just have to point out that I disagree rather strongly with it. I do not believe Citizen Kane is the best movie of all time, no matter how many times this is said. I'll allow most innovative, or groundbreaking, or best given when it was made. But time moves on, and technology improves, and the art is developed. The list below is full of classics, and some cult classics - but the fact that a movie is a classic does not, imo, automatically mean it is actually awesome. A lot of things that were developed, or first shown, in classic movies, have been developed and refined in later movies, that actually do these things better than the first/classic. But for some reason a lot of people seem not to want to acknowledge this.

In the top 100 there is not a single movie from the 90s or the 2000s. 64% of the top 100 are from the 40s-60s. 52% of the top 500 are from the 40s-60s, and only 4,6 % are from the 90s - 00s. IMO this is skewed - the 40s-60s just weren't that hugely superior when it comes to film making.

Oh well, onwards, to (more) geekery...

To participate in the short form of this meme, do this for the first 100 titles only. The more daring and film-obsessed among you, however, will want to do the full 1,000 title list. Enjoy!
the full 1000 title list )
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So, I waited at least half the movie to see in they'd put in Samuel L Jackson as NIck Fury, and was bitterly dissapointed when they didn't. Only to find out now that they did, but after the credits. Booger.

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I get very soppy this time of the month, so what better way to spend the evening than with an Austen movie?

Keira was lovely, as was Rosamund Pike.

Matthew Macfayden didn't charme me right off the bat - I found him very wooden at first, and his delivery was very rushed. But he grew on me - while his aloof Darcy wasn't great, his emotional Darcy was excellent. And that ending always gets me right in the gut, and when they fight in the rain... My inner teenage girl goes all squishy...

However, there is no excuse for bad hair on a romantic hero, I don't care how period it is. Mullets were bad even in the 19th C.

And there is no excuse for Clay Aiken hair on anyone over the age of 13, in any time period.

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