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I wish they would decide if it's "Gould" or "Go-a-ould", even the main cast can't seem to be consistent, including when they happen to be possessed by one...

Edit: Ok, now I've heard one Tok'ra and one Asgard pronounce it "gaould" - seriously, would it have been so hard to tell people how it's supposed to be pronounced, rather than apparently just letting them say it any which way?
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I used to watch ER back in 94/95, and caught it every now and then over the years. It was always a good show, but my heart was always with the original crew. I've seen the last 5 eps now, lured in by the promise of guest appearances, and I have to say, they handled them gracefully. If you started watching the show in the last few years, you probably wondered who all these random people were - but they managed to stick the old crew in mostly as bit players, so if you knew them, it was cool, and if you didn't, it didn't matter. In the last ep, a fair bit of time was devoted to some of the originals, but centered on Carter, who I imagine any fan of the show would know.

spoilers for where people ended up )
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Saw ep 1 of Chuck, and there's this action scene at the beginning, and I was all "Woo, they gave Simon a new show!", then he died. Also, it turned out to not be Sean Maher at all, but Matthew Bomer. Those guys look a lot alike :o/ Also, he was wearing shades.

Jayne's in it though.
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Just saw this, actually kind of surprised it wasn't picked up - it had a hot, fairly competent lead, a nice litle mystery, superpowers, and almost unlimited potential for showing mostly naked young people being wet. Ok, so the SFX were a little hokey, and the fight scene could have used some work, but still. I'm guessing it was potentially very expensive (lots of water work), and also, I understand Aquaman's problem has always been marketing:

Excec: "What's his superpower?"
Hopeful creator: "Er, he talks to fish."
Excec: "Talks to fish?"
Hopeful creator: "And he swims really fast."
Excec: "Thanks, but kids these days like cool super heroes.
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It's quite interesting how powerful the internet is when it comes to creating a sense of false intimacy, compared to other media. I have a number of people whose blogs I read, but who don't read mine, because they're not my friends, they don't even know I exist. But yet, I feel like I know them, it feels like there's a relationship, when there isn't. I think blogs make it worse (or more effective), because of the imagined reciprocity. You don't converse on a blog, you read other people's entries, and you write your own and that's how you communicate. So you subconciously imagine that everyone on your friendslist knows everything you've posted in your blog, just like you know everything they posted in theirs. Facebook works the same - and basically any other site with a friending function.

There's enormous economic potential in it, if managed right. I bought Nurk because it was written by my "friend" Ursula Vernon. It's an amusing book, but I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't read her LJ. If I happened on a copy of Batman with a Dustin Nguyen cover, I'd be inclined to buy it, because I watch him on deviantArt.

Interestingly, it works with TV actors too - more so, for me anyway, than movie stars. I watch Castle because I miss Firefly, and it has Mal in it. I checked out How I Met Your Mother because of Willow, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles because of River. I watch Dollhouse because I expect Joss Whedon to entertain me, but Castle to support my "friend" (helps that it's also entertaining).

Now, I recognize that this is happening, so I can work against it, but I haven't managed to stop it. Should you ever happen to meet any of these "friends" though, you quickly realise they're actually strangers - which can be both sad and good for you.
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Because I'm presently in denial, I've started watching Stargate SG-1 (season 1) on hulu - and boy is this ever a stupid show. The actors aren't bad, and the show is pretty enjoyable, but holy crap does the portrayal of the people on the other planets need some work. Since they're all human, and mostly pulled from different cultures than the one the heroes come from, it gets really offensive at times. I thought the "mongolians" were pretty bad, and then they started in on the vikins. Crikey, this stuff gets annoying x 10 when it's your culture they make a mess of. How non-white people ever watch TV in the west without chucking the things out the window is quite the mystery.

And I like how these various groups of people have all completely failed to evolve past the middle ages, yet all speak modern american (despite not having been harvested from even proto-english speaking cultues) and have elastic bands in their cotton clothing... Oh well, gotta love any show who puts important men in pastelle-coloured midriff-baring belly-dancer tops with bell sleeves...and a gold coloured wastepaper-basket for a hat...
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