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shriker_tam ([personal profile] shriker_tam) wrote2009-04-05 07:37 pm
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Twilight - spoiler free

Holy crap with the ANGST and the POUTING and the BROODING and the ZOOMING. There was also some gorgeous scenery, and some surprisingly solid acting from the leads. When they weren't contractually obliged to ANGST, POUT, BROOD, ZOOM or SNARL that is. That got pretty hammy :o) Edward was relatively speaking decent at it, compared to the rest of his family.

Do not crave the Edward, do crave his house. I wonder if that's what being an adult feels like.

I'm pretty sure this flick, together with Dirty Dancing, could be the basis for a PhD thesis on teenage girl sexuality or something like that. The story of the girl who is awakened (and by extension turned into a woman) by the naked desire of the more experienced, yet chivalrous, man. I won't go so far as to say all girls respond to that, nothing much applies to everyone - but I'd say it's very common.

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