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Thanks to [ profile] agoodwinsmith I have a nest of Bald Eagles sitting in one corner of my screen today.

Huh, eagles do not sound like I thought they would. This is pretty cool.

EagleCam at:
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I am not that into the whole kilt thing. I know there's a whole subculture of kilt fangirls out there, but I've never really seen the attraction. The nothing-but-the-breeze thing doesn't help for me (imagegoogle "kilt" and you'll easily find some examples of why that is), and I guess I'm just not that into male legs. I dunno.


This, for some reason, I find kind of hot. He's bald and wearing a ruffled shirt, which, in combination with the skirt-like qualities of your average kilt, has enormous potential for unhotness - but he's pulling it off. Maybe it's that I can't see his legs, but mostly I think it's the swagger.

This post brought to you by Procrastinations 'R' Us.
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It's quite interesting how powerful the internet is when it comes to creating a sense of false intimacy, compared to other media. I have a number of people whose blogs I read, but who don't read mine, because they're not my friends, they don't even know I exist. But yet, I feel like I know them, it feels like there's a relationship, when there isn't. I think blogs make it worse (or more effective), because of the imagined reciprocity. You don't converse on a blog, you read other people's entries, and you write your own and that's how you communicate. So you subconciously imagine that everyone on your friendslist knows everything you've posted in your blog, just like you know everything they posted in theirs. Facebook works the same - and basically any other site with a friending function.

There's enormous economic potential in it, if managed right. I bought Nurk because it was written by my "friend" Ursula Vernon. It's an amusing book, but I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't read her LJ. If I happened on a copy of Batman with a Dustin Nguyen cover, I'd be inclined to buy it, because I watch him on deviantArt.

Interestingly, it works with TV actors too - more so, for me anyway, than movie stars. I watch Castle because I miss Firefly, and it has Mal in it. I checked out How I Met Your Mother because of Willow, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles because of River. I watch Dollhouse because I expect Joss Whedon to entertain me, but Castle to support my "friend" (helps that it's also entertaining).

Now, I recognize that this is happening, so I can work against it, but I haven't managed to stop it. Should you ever happen to meet any of these "friends" though, you quickly realise they're actually strangers - which can be both sad and good for you.
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Been doing good lately, but today was a bummer of a day. Found these amazing old photographs on flickr and got all wistful.

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As a result of excessive Due South watching, my inner Canadian is joining up with my outer Swede, and making me want to be knee-deep in snow, by a cabin, on a mountain, while watching rugged men play hockey...

If you had told my 14 year-old self I would one day develop these dreams, she would never have stopped laughing.
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Tried to book plane tickets. They have mysteriously gone up by $30 since I last checked, a couple of days ago, and the whole thing exhausted me. Will try again tomorrow, when I can consult with bf.
shriker_tam: (Default) får lära sig hur det är att leva i ett land med galopperande inflation. Plötsligt kostar en limpa bröd 40 spänn, och en hamburgare 70, kulglass 35 spänn för en kula, och jag minns inte vad mjölken kostar, men det är säkert nåt löjligt det med...
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As odd as some of those deep-sea fishes are, I think this one takes the cake. Those green balls are its eyes, and the top of its head is transparent, like a windshield. The spots that look like they should be its eyes, are actually nostrils.

Read about it here:
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So, after yesterday's complaint about my boring ass dreams, last night stepped it up.

First there was something about two characters from Twilight [1], and how they were actually very cute in real life, and of course they're going to be gay - which I think was in response to these comics. Also, that main guy did not look like that broody-looking actor, but way cuter. Anyway. After that me and my high school friends were going shopping for snacks for a Eurovision party. Apparently we had a bit of a problem, because the semi-final aired right before the final, and one of our friends was in the semi-final, so we wanted to see that, but then we had to relocate to someone else's house, and we weren't sure how the time would work out. Then we went to pay for our stuff, and instead decided to have a picnic on the floor by the registers. So we sat down, but the floor turned into a beach, which was still in the supermarket, between the shelves and the checkouts. Niklas was there, and we started making out, and then my alarm went off, which was pretty annoying...

[1] Which, btw I have neither seen nor read.
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Tonight I dreamed I had rented a movie from RedBox and forgotten to return it, and thought "Oh well, $2 instead of $1, not the end of the world". Day before last I dreamed I was at home and talking to Niklas. And I can't recall it now, but I had another dream like that too a couple of days ago. None of these dreams morphed into anything weird, nor did we talk about weird things, or hang out at some odd non-existing place, and the movie I'd rented actually exists on DVD. It's like my subconscious just gave up and started re-playing actual events unfiltered...
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