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Thanks to [ profile] agoodwinsmith I have a nest of Bald Eagles sitting in one corner of my screen today.

Huh, eagles do not sound like I thought they would. This is pretty cool.

EagleCam at:
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I wish they would decide if it's "Gould" or "Go-a-ould", even the main cast can't seem to be consistent, including when they happen to be possessed by one...

Edit: Ok, now I've heard one Tok'ra and one Asgard pronounce it "gaould" - seriously, would it have been so hard to tell people how it's supposed to be pronounced, rather than apparently just letting them say it any which way?
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Great show, awful hair. I can't stand that stupid geek mullet...
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Holy crap with the ANGST and the POUTING and the BROODING and the ZOOMING. There was also some gorgeous scenery, and some surprisingly solid acting from the leads. When they weren't contractually obliged to ANGST, POUT, BROOD, ZOOM or SNARL that is. That got pretty hammy :o) Edward was relatively speaking decent at it, compared to the rest of his family.

Do not crave the Edward, do crave his house. I wonder if that's what being an adult feels like.

I'm pretty sure this flick, together with Dirty Dancing, could be the basis for a PhD thesis on teenage girl sexuality or something like that. The story of the girl who is awakened (and by extension turned into a woman) by the naked desire of the more experienced, yet chivalrous, man. I won't go so far as to say all girls respond to that, nothing much applies to everyone - but I'd say it's very common.
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Absolutely gorgeous day today. I escaped my school work and guilt for about an hour or so in the sun. It was pretty damn nice.
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I have three pages of text on my BDE, and every word is like pulling teeth. It is so fucking slow going. Switching constantly between Swedish and English isn't helping any either[1], and I'm out of practice with writing essays.

[1] My current sources are in English, I'm writing in Swedish. There are reasons for this, involving the fact that the second half/two thirds of the essay will be using primarily Swedish sources.
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I am not that into the whole kilt thing. I know there's a whole subculture of kilt fangirls out there, but I've never really seen the attraction. The nothing-but-the-breeze thing doesn't help for me (imagegoogle "kilt" and you'll easily find some examples of why that is), and I guess I'm just not that into male legs. I dunno.


This, for some reason, I find kind of hot. He's bald and wearing a ruffled shirt, which, in combination with the skirt-like qualities of your average kilt, has enormous potential for unhotness - but he's pulling it off. Maybe it's that I can't see his legs, but mostly I think it's the swagger.

This post brought to you by Procrastinations 'R' Us.
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It's been damnably slow going today, and I haven't accomplished a quarter of what I had hoped to. On the bright side, I have finished all the reading I wanted to do, and I only have to look up one more thing before I have all I need to write the sections I wanted to finish this week. I'll try to get on that tomorrow. Then Sunday I'll have to prepare for class on Monday, but that's what happens towards the end of the semester - week-ends get discontinued in favour of more study time.
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I had not previously realized just how annoying it is when people make all their important points with quotes. In fact, I quite like using quotes myself. But darnit, when you want to refer to that point, you have to go dig up the original reference - rendering articles where all important points are made with quotes, extremely frustrating. Barbara A Babb, I'm looking at you.
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I used to watch ER back in 94/95, and caught it every now and then over the years. It was always a good show, but my heart was always with the original crew. I've seen the last 5 eps now, lured in by the promise of guest appearances, and I have to say, they handled them gracefully. If you started watching the show in the last few years, you probably wondered who all these random people were - but they managed to stick the old crew in mostly as bit players, so if you knew them, it was cool, and if you didn't, it didn't matter. In the last ep, a fair bit of time was devoted to some of the originals, but centered on Carter, who I imagine any fan of the show would know.

spoilers for where people ended up )
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