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Holy crap with the ANGST and the POUTING and the BROODING and the ZOOMING. There was also some gorgeous scenery, and some surprisingly solid acting from the leads. When they weren't contractually obliged to ANGST, POUT, BROOD, ZOOM or SNARL that is. That got pretty hammy :o) Edward was relatively speaking decent at it, compared to the rest of his family.

Do not crave the Edward, do crave his house. I wonder if that's what being an adult feels like.

I'm pretty sure this flick, together with Dirty Dancing, could be the basis for a PhD thesis on teenage girl sexuality or something like that. The story of the girl who is awakened (and by extension turned into a woman) by the naked desire of the more experienced, yet chivalrous, man. I won't go so far as to say all girls respond to that, nothing much applies to everyone - but I'd say it's very common.
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Have now seen Watchmen. As usual with superhyped movies, I have no idea whether it was any good. I think too much about what I think to be able to relax, and just experience. I think I thought it was pretty decent - actionpacked, mostly good music, good actors. Can't really say how it deviates from the comic, because it was quite a while since I read that, and I have purposely not refreshed my memory prior to seeing the movie.

That said, I have some gripes. Mostly nitpicks. Also, some positive comments :o) )
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This ep was much better than last week's. Many reviewers have pointed out a problem with the basic premise of the show - why get a doll when you can get the real thing? Which certainly applies to roles like hostage negotiator. The assignment this week on the other hand, makes perfect sense.

Still a little unsure about Eliza Dushku's acting, though this ep played more to her strengths, so it was much less noticable. Also, the mystery is rolling along nicely.

A very brief bummer, in addition to Helo, they've taken on my least favourite BSG character - Romo Lampkin. All right, so technically, they've taken on the actor. But my dislike of him on BSG made me unable to enjoy that particular scene here. according to IMDb, he'll be sticking around too, darnit.

Oh, one thing that very firmly separates this show from previous Whedon shows is that, so far, it's not an ensemble series. The focus is heavily on Echo, who doesn't really interact with the other regulars, who, in their turn, don't really hang out with each other. So you don't get that group dynamic, which is a shame, because he's very good at it. I'm betting they'll get there though, or at least closer to there.

It reminds me a bit of Angel s.5. The whole thing is set in an evil company, which corrupts and separates the regulars, and which services very rich people with no scruples.
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I said, way back when, that I'd get back to you on the Obama biography, so here it is.

It's good. It's actually pretty darn good. He's a pretty talented writer, good feel for language and story, and it reads almost like a novel, rather than a biography. It's also old, written before he began his political carreer - so it's pretty open and honest, not a lot of fudging or making himself look better. You can tell it's a first book, it's a little too constructed, too self aware, but it's a very enjoyable read to my mind. Won't tell you a lot about policy and goals for the presidency - but will tell you something about the man and his ideals.

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This movie is absolutely gorgeous and well worth it just to see all that lovely scenery. Neither Niklas or I got into it right away, it's a bit of a slow starter, but get's better as soon as they get to Svalbard.

On the plus side is, as mentioned, the fact that it's stunning! I have not a single complaint on the visual aspects. It's also very well cast, everyone does a great job and all the main characters are, as far as I'm concerned [1], spot on: Lyra, Asriel, Mrs Coulter, Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison.

On the negative side it was slow to get going, the storytelling was a bit clunky and it felt rushed. Some things were also dumbed down and explained in an overly obvious way.

But don't worry - Lyra is still an un-lady-like, lying, fighting, spitting and ballsy little brat, and the fighting is pretty brutal. No disniefying pink and fluffy-ness here.

I'd give it a solid 3/5 (though 5/5 on looks).

For some reason kids' movies never quite hit me like they should - they never seem to have as much heart and soul as I'd like. They always seem afraid to really engage with what's happening, as though kids need emotional distance, like stories should be told, not felt - which is surely ass backwards? Let the story take time, get shape, engage with the characters, show, don't tell - it shouldn't be so hard.

Edit: Duh! I forgot the footnote...
[1] Though it was a while since I read the books, so I might misremember some stuff.

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...on the TV. But I watch a lot of TV-series through other means. I have to say there is a lot of good stuff these days. Also a bunch of garbage of course, but I try not to watch that.

spoilers for Veronica Mars behind this cut )

I'm happy that as of this week and the next all our shows will be back on. At present I (and the bf, though not all of them) follow:
- Weeds
- Heroes
- Battlestar Galactica
- Supernatural
- Dexter
- Bones
- House
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Avatar

As well as back-seasons of The Wire, and if I/we find the time; The Sopranos, Big Love, Entourage and Life on Mars. Also thinking of checking out John from Cincinati, Journeyman, Arrested Development and quite possibly a bunch of the new shows that will start in January. We tried The Tudors, but so far it didn't capture us.

Thank god I don't actually have to keep to some sort of TV schedule but can watch at my own convenience - otherwise i'd never get anyything but TV done... Actually - otherwise I just wouldn't watch TV.
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A while ago I promised to tell Örjan wether the Dark Tower series was worth continuing with, so this is that.

Yes, I think it is. )

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